PETKIT Pet Stroller


360-degree front-wheels and brake protection on back wheels. Made of premium polyester fabric, light weighted steel, and PVC rubbers. The stroller is foldable with one-click button. It is super handful.

Fully accessible in various situations, e.g. cities and outdoors.

The basket can be separated from the stroller. Easy disassembling with extra storage space designed for pet parents.

A safety buckle is made inside the basket that is totally safe for your pets. The inner pad is double-sided and perfect for all-season usage: Made with oxford cloth and flannel materials.

Dimensions: 800 x 420 900 mm
Weight: 5KG
Can carry small dogs and cats up to 15KG

Available in Pink and Blue

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Foldable and easy disassembling:


360-degree front-wheels and brake protection on back wheels:


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