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The PURA X Smart Litter Box helps you by scooping and cleaning your cat’s litter for you. The cleaning process starts when the smart sensors detect that your cat has finished using it and ends when pet waste and clumps roll into the waste bin. A honeycomb-shaped mesh sifts and separates clumps from clean litter in the inner-barrel. Once separated, it is dropped into the waste bin when the barrel rolls. A built-in deodorizer  will spray a plant-based liquid above the waste bin to eliminate the odor at its source.

Advanced features for automation, safety, and cleanliness

Innovative technology for a stylish lifestyle for your pets.

xSecure: With 12 high-precision sensors: Thermal sensor, infrared sensor, weight sensor, anti-pinch infrared sensor, real-time smart motion detection, remote alerts, accident protection system

Antibacterial odor removal: Independently researched and developed purifying liquid removes unpleasant odors and formaldehyde, kill 99% of common harmful bacteria. Guaranteeing an odorless ambiance.

Connect to your phone for easy monitoring and control

Install the PURA X app for remote access to your smart litter box.




Real-time reminder

Margin monitoring


User friendly

Easy to use right out of the box.

No hassle set up
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Sync to phone
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Easy to clean
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PURA X reviews from our customers

I never write reviews for things but this litter box is amazing. I was considering purchasing the litter robot, however due to the various cat injuries I heard about it, I was looking for an alternative. This one is very safe there are sensors everywhere if a cat even comes in the vicinity, it will stop the cleaning until the cat has left. It works like a charm and the cleaning function is essentially the same as the litter robot. Personally, I think this one is better. The look of it is much nicer, it has a deodorizing function, it weighs the cats when they go in it, you can do automatic cleaning after use or interval cleaning where it will also show you what percentage of litter is left and will notify you when the waste basket is full. I am very satisfied with my purchase and my cats are satisfied with it too. As soon as I set it up, they started using it immediately. The entrance is a little bit high but my two cats can do it and you can order their stepboard and place it next to the entrance. This litter box is 10/10. More people should have it and be talking about it. In my opinion, it’s superior to the litter robot.


Interior Designer

Ang dali i-set up!


Animal Lover

I can’t believe my cat went right inside. It took only a few seconds to set up. I’ll be darned if my cat didn’t go inside the litter robot for about a month. Well PURA X, you’ve got my vote. It literally sells itself. Quiet and automatically starts emptying itself when cat has been inside. Cat jumped out the litter container completely on the pad. Which I thought was pretty darn good myself.

The pad has a dual design, literally the orange in the pad is designed as a visual reference for how far the sensors reach out. I’m sold and just glad my cat poop collecting days are coming to an end.


Project Manager

We are happy with everything we got. Quality talaga.


Real Estate Broker

The PURA X is a gem! It’s so smooth and quiet when it operates. It came with its own litter mat and things actually stay clean! With 4 cats I only have to empty the tray every 4 days or once a week. This is amazing because O don’t want to constatly be thinking about cleaning litter boxes and my kitties get to enjoy a nice clean box each time they step in. The only con to this box is that the entryway is VERY high. But they offer a stepboard that serves as a ladder and even has a toy inside.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with this box. It looks so stylish that I’m even considering buying a second one for our front room. 🙂


Proud Cat Mom

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